Grandview's Recommended Bar Crawl

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A good brewery has the proper ambiance and the right assortment of beers to choose from. A great brewery makes you feel right at home. We at Grandview Gardens share those sentiments - comfy, warm and homey. The key is being a short distance from the breweries, so that you can walk there and enjoy yourself without the hassle of getting in the car (before or after). For this kind of cozy night on the town, we recommend a few options that are only a stone’s throw away from Grandview Gardens. We find these hangouts walkable (within a mile) and charming, but also distinctly Floridian (and they also offer delicious craft brews!).

The first on the list is Civil Society Brewing Co. Located next to a railroad, you get a kind of industrial feel from this place. It has both quaint indoor seating and spacious outdoor seating. That being said, it is super dog-friendly and family-friendly as well. Civil Society serves up a mean IPA and much like its name, they create a soft-spoken and Southern-mannered environment to drink a beer and play some trivia.

Humble Abbey is exactly as its name suggests: Belgian-style brews in a modest setting. The beers range from porters to sours, but you really must give their Belgian dubbel a try. And make sure to get a look at their version of Manneken Pis which pays homage to Belgium itself! And for everything else, there’s their next-door neighbor Ookapow Brewing Company which is constantly upgrading and revamping their menu. You are always welcome to try their experimental brews (but be prepared for something out of the ordinary.)

If you’re looking for a cozy bar to chill at, we highly recommend The Bar at Clare’s. It’s located in Grandview Public Market, so you won’t go hungry. With plenty of restaurants to choose from, from tacos to ramen, it’s the perfect place to make your pitstop during your barcrawl. There’s a comfy bar inside, but you can also take your drinks and sit outside. It’s dog-friendly, of course, and there’s Family Feud on Wednesday and trivia on Thursday nights.

Steam Horse Brewing puts its own spin on what beer drinkers like: vaulted ceilings, cool and cave-like temperatures and a diverse assortment of beer styles to choose from. While not as homey and warm as other breweries may be, this is still a great place to watch the big game or gather for a party. This cool, airy environment is certainly what some may be looking for in a brewery, with plenty of flat screen TVs and the happiest of happy hours to boot.

Directly adjacent to Steam Horse is Steel Tie Spirits Co., which is a distillery for vodka and rum. Let their seasonal cocktails delight you or try out a glass in their tasting room. These guys experiment with flavors such as habanero, aquafaba and elderflower. Make no mistake – these drinks are not for the weak. But within walking distance of Steam Horse, there should be a bit of something for everybody.

Grandview Gardens urges you to drink responsibly and have a blast! Please get out there and enjoy everything that West Palm has to offer. Bring your dog, bring a smile and make sure to let us know about your own personal adventure!

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